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Form Name Instructions eForm Download
BOE-266 Homeowners' Property Exemption Instructions


Purpose: This form is to file a homeowner's property tax exemption, up to a maximum of $7,000 of assessed value. This results in an annual savings in property tax of about $70. 

This form may be submitted as an eForm ONLY if there is only one owner signing. If there are multiple owners, or signatures by different parties are required, it must be downloaded, filled out, signed in ink, and submitted.

Submission may be done by:

  1. Complete an online eForm, or
  2. Download the form and deliver via postal mail to the address on the form.

To download the form instructions, click here

eForm Download    
BOE-266-S Reclamo Para La Exención De Impuestos Prediales De Los Propietarios De Casas Instructions


Proposito: El proposito de este formulario es presentar la Exoneración de impuestos, la cual ofrece una reducción de $7,000 sobre el valor tasado de su hogar. Esto resulta en un ahorro anual en el Impuesto de Propiedad de aproximadamente $70.

Si hay multiples propietarios o se requiere mas de una firma, descargue su formulario, llene, firme y regrese via correo postal o completar un formulario electrónico via el boton de “eForm”.

Para las instrucciones, click here

eForm Download
Property Search (APN/PIN/Address)
To search, enter only the first 9 digits of your Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) or Property Identification Number (PIN) or enter Property Address (street number and street name only).